Imagine, for a moment, a Bible college located on the beautiful Island of Curacao. 

Students are rushing to class, to learn, excited to graduate and serve the Lord. 

As they pass they greet each other in Dutch, Spanish or Papiamento excited to start a new day.

Imagine those same students, graduated, doing what God has called them to do all over the world as Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries.

Now imagine, that same Bible college that was once vibrant and full of life, now empty without students and faculty because there is a lack of missionary leadership in the school.

We were asked by the Assemblies of God in the Netherlands Antilles to take leadership of New Life Bible College in Willemstad, Curacao.

What we believe the Lord is calling us to do is to come along side those who are preparing for ministry to help them grow spiritually becoming healthy leaders as they head out into full time ministry.

There are many people who need Jesus and many ministers who need to be trained to lead those that will come into the local churches.    The students who attend NLBC come from many different nations and they are then sent to many different nations.  Now is a strategic time and Curacao is a strategic place for the gospel.

In addition to superintending New Life Bible College, we will be providing training for area churches, establishing an English-speaking church and helping superintend the Assemblies of God churches in Curacao.